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Ahimsa – Non-violence

Ahimsa - Non Violence

Ahimsa means nonviolence ( non-killing, non-hurting & non injuring). But yogi doesn’t stop the meaning of non-violence to physical terms. They take it to the level of thought, action, and speech.

Since all our actions are once a thought, all our non-violent actions are first born at the thought level. Violence at the level of mind has got some serious implications on both body and mind.

Ahimsa teaches us how to avoid these implications consciously. Only strong people can practice ahimsa. By not performing violent actions and not having violent thoughts, one is left with a choice to express his love to the whole world.

Ahimsa is not merely non-killing. It is a perfect harmlessness and positive love. It is to abstain from the slightest thought of harm to any living creature. The practitioner must abandon even unkind looks. There is no excuse or exception to the above rule. Harsh words to beggars, servants or inferiors are himsa (cruelty). To fail to relieve pain or trouble in another is negative himsa. To approve of another’s harsh actions is also against ahimsa. So practice ahimsa in its purest form.

Ahimsa is the first to come in the list of Yamas (1st limb of Ashtanga). This comes first because to start the journey of Yoga we have to remove the brutal nature and become a loving human being that’s the basic quality of a Yoga Student. If a student is able to make the difficult most asana but get’s angry for the smallest thing then he/she should think whether they are really on the path of Yoga?

Let us know how you are practicing Ahimsa.