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Nature has given a wonderful system to all human beings which help in not getting into trouble and that system is called “FEAR”.

But the same system has become our enemy in most of us and it’s preventing us from living a courageous life. When fear starts controlling us and makes us paralyzed it no longer serves the purpose of protecting our life but actually it stops us from achieving full human potential.

Most of the time if we sit and examine fear, we usually find it is based on our own imagination. And we deepen it by repeating it again and again. Fear creates insecurity in one’s life, which gives birth to mental imbalance and in turn influences our behavior. 

The most powerful and might be the only way to face fear is to face it.

Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real

Yoga beautifully explains how one can be fearless. The root of all our fear is ignorance. The Yama’s and Niyama’s of Yoga sutra will really help us to fight the fear if implemented with discipline

Let us know what is that you fear and how you plan to overcome it.