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Abhyasa – Path of Discipline

We have to light our lamp. No one will come and help us even our beloved guru. Guru can only show the direction it’s we who have to walk the path. All individuals have to take up the responsibility to walk in the path of yoga.
But always a doubt arises that is this right path or can I do it. We don’t know what’s there in the Destination until we walk that path.

We all are born with that spark within us. We all are fully equipped. We just need to discipline ourselves. Discipline is not a prison. It simply means practice.

The scripture says that we all are both with the capacity to unfold ourselves and reach a state of tranquility where we can see and understand things as they are. In the current situation, all our minds are clouded with wrong and confusing data from the external world.

In Yoga Sutra it’s mentioned, Atha yoganush-asanam, it means that if we want to unfold ourselves, we first should learn to discipline ourselves. People are afraid of the word discipline. Discipline is not a punishment. You will enjoy it once you know it. Discipline means self-commitment. When you commit yourself to your progress, then slowly you will find that the light is within you. And when you find the light within you, you will be the source of light in many lives.