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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India is a fantastic chance for yoga practitioners wishing to develop their skills or students who are genuinely interested in learning yoga. Yoga Alliance USA certified, the 200-hour yoga teacher training programme given by Pankaj Yogpeeth is appropriate for both beginning and advanced yoga practitioners. The Course is a 26-day YTTC that covers the 200-hour course content for yoga teacher training. Students who successfully complete the 200-hour yoga teacher training course will receive a certificate from Pankaj Yogpeeth from the Yoga Alliance and become qualified yoga instructors. Our 200-hour yoga teacher training program is developed with the express purpose of healing your body and educating you on the fundamentals of yoga. You can improve your flexibility and yoga practice by eating healthy, Sattvic meals that are provided by the school.

Your daily programme is set up so that you can continue to practice yoga and meditation after you graduate from our schools. During this 200-hour, three-week program in Rishikesh, you will learn the art of yoga instruction. Participants take part in a yoga practice while being surrounded by hundreds of different bird species and the sacred Ganga water in the Ramjhula area of Rishikesh. The curriculum comprises Vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga with the goal of assisting you in creating your own comprehensive practice. Anatomy and physiology, breath awareness, relaxation techniques, pranayama, and other topics will be covered. Additionally, students will be able to investigate ideas from Ayurveda, the Upanishads, Patanjali, and the chakra system. After completing this course, you can register for a YTTC-200 because this curriculum is approved by the Yoga Alliance.

Daily yoga lessons, a certificate from the Yoga Alliance, and 26 nights of lodging are all included in our program. When you get there, you'll eat supper with the other candidates and the instructors before starting your evening programming. Every day will begin with a meditation, which will be followed by breakfast and yoga poses in the mornings and restorative poses, yoga philosophy, and yoga ethics in the evenings.

Pankaj Yogpeeth is in charge of organizing this 200-hour yoga teacher training program. Along with this, we also instruct in meditation, pranayama, dance, Ayurveda, and yoga anatomy. In addition to our 200 YTT, we also offer 100 and 300 hour yoga teacher training programmes.

Pankaj Yogpeeth Rishikesh- 200 Hour YTTC Curriculum

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, Complete Curriculum

The philosophy of this program is straightforward: the soul, mind, and body are all one and cannot be easily separated.

  • Introduction
  • Origin of Yoga
  • Different Paths of Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga(8 Limbs)
  • Yama
  • Niyama
  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Pratyahara
  • Dharana
  • Dhyana
  • Samadhi
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Obstacles in Yoga
  • Panch Kosha
  • Annamaya Kosha
  • Pranamaya Kosha
  • Manomaya Kosha
  • Jnanamaya Kosha
  • Anandamaya Kosha
  • Sankhya Darshan
  • Vedanta Darshan

A sitting meditation pose was originally—and is still—generally referred to as an asana. A traditional chair is known as an asana.

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Alignment And Adjustment
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa

Focus your attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress.

  • Om chanting
  • MahaMrityunjaya Mantra
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Guru Vandana (prayer to Guru)
  • Prayer before class & Meal

Breath regulation is the general definition of pranayama. It's a major element of yoga, an activity that helps in both physical and mental wellness.


  • Introduction of Pranayama
  • Benefits of pranayama
  • Explain the pranic body
  • Prana and lifestyle
  • Breath, health & Pranayama
  • Pranayama and the spiritual aspirants

Practical & Theory

  • Nadishodhana Pranayama
  • Sheetali pranayama
  • Sheetkari Pranayama
  • Bramari Pranayama
  • Ujjayi Pranayama
  • Bhastrika Pranayama
  • Kapalbhati Pranayama
  • Surya Bheda pranayama

Bandha (Energy Lock)

First definition of the bandha is that by restraining or locking the muscle on a Physical level.

  • Preparation for Bandha
  • Benefits of Bandha
  • MulaBandha
  • JalandharaBandha
  • UddiyanaBandha

Hatha yoga is regarded as one of the best types of exercise in the world and aids in burning fat also improving physical well-being and general body condition.


  • Joints Moments.
  • Surya namaskara ( sun Salutation) & Chandra Namaskara (moon salutation)
  • Yoga Mudrasana
  • Matsyasana
  • Gupta Padmasana
  • BaddhaPadmasana
  • Lolasana
  • Kukkutasana
  • Garbhasana

Ashtanga is a highly athletic and energetic style of hatha yoga that consists of six series or levels and a set sequence of poses.

  • Introduction of Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Components of Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Importance of Breath In Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Primary Series Of Ashtanga Vinyasa

Shatkarma is a well-known Yogic cleansing method that is excellent for curing various diseases and unblocking the body's obstructions.

  • Agni Saar
  • JalNeti
  • RuberNeti
  • Tirieng Mukha Eka Pada Paschimottanasana
  • Sutra Neti
  • Dand

It is essential for practitioners to understand the fundamental makeup and operation of the body's organs and systems in order to improve their capacity as yoga instructors.

  • Types of bones
  • Circulatory system
  • Types of heart block
  • Skeletal system
Best 200-Hour Yoga School in Rishikesh


You will be residing at The Pankaj Yogpeeth Center in Rishikesh, India, for your yoga teacher training programme. The school is situated in Ram Jhula, close to the holy Ganges river and the jonk village, also referred to as the yoga village.

Our comfortable and spacious rooms are designed to provide you with a relaxing and peaceful environment, ensuring that you can fully focus on your yoga practice. With breathtaking views of the mountains and the Ganges river, our accommodation offers a truly unique experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Due to its proximity to the stunning, verdant Himalayan highlands, the school offers a tranquil setting for yoga practise. Near the School are common conveniences including stores, cafes, restaurants, ATMs, and organic food outlets.

In accordance with each student's demands, the school provides both single and double room sets. The rooms are tidy and spotless, and they include adjoining bathrooms with western toilets and an available hot shower. Additionally, the accommodations provide stunning mountain views.

The students are given blankets, bedsheets, pillows, towels, toilet paper, and other welcome items. Water and laundry services are also offered, and WiFi is accessible on every floor.

Similar to how our physical bodies demand a healthy, safe, and hygienic environment, the soul thrives in a healthy body. The Pankaj Yogpeeth is located in a serene area and is encircled by verdant meadows and mountains.

Our rooms were created with a yoga teacher training course in mind. The air in our rooms is spacious, too. To keep your rooms tidy and sanitary, our management is at your disposal at all times. Budget-friendly lodging is also available at pankaj yogpeeth.

Best 200-Hour YTTC in Rishikesh

Special Food For Yogis

Our food is known for its flavor and variety around the world. An experienced chef cleanly prepares each meal, and only organic vegetables are used. Our 200-hour yoga teacher training in India course prices cover all meals, which are completely vegetarian.
In addition to being essential for physical health, eating is also important for maintaining healthy mental health. Yoga practitioners classify food in a somewhat different way than scientists do. The yogic classification of food is based on Satva, Rajas, and Tamas rather than proteins, fats, or carbohydrates. Food that is too sweet makes us feel sluggish or lazy. Sattvic food helps you feel energized, enthusiastic, and light, whereas Rajasic food might make you feel restless.

To maintain a healthy colon, yogis advise eating two large meals a day with nothing or possibly a fruit in between. Between the big meals, the ancient yogic method advises a minimum of six to eight hours. If that is not practicable, there must be at least a five-hour gap. On a sattvic diet, only fresh foods are consumed. 40% of our daily meals should be composed of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and sprouts.


Therefore, salad ought to be a regular element of our diet. When consumed fresh, fruits and vegetables retain the most fiber, nutrients, and minerals, which are generally lost when cooked.

Some Famous Vegetarian Food in Rishikesh

satsang yoga ttc in rishikesh

Jhangore ki Kheer

This classic Pahari dessert recipe, called Jhangore ki Kheer, is cooked with jhangora (barnyard millet), milk, sugar, and wonderfully adorned with kewra essence, almonds, and raisins. Let us tell you that Jhangore kheer contains nutrients like a lot of calories, protein, and carbohydrates. Both heart disease and sugar are helped by it.
 yoga ttc rishikesh yogic food


The same dals (lentils) used to make chainsoo are also used to make phanu, although in this instance, the dals are soaked for 4 to 6 hours before usage. For the preparation of phanu, several dals can be used, such as gahat, arhar, or green mung. Discover the recipe for phaanu (Faanu).

fun yoga poses at yoga in rishikesh

Mandua Rotti

We could easily avoid more than half of the ailments if we all ate and drank like people used to in Uttarakhand. In many locations, Mandua is known by various names. Ragi or mandua flour is a range of nutrient-dense cereals that is used in breads, soups, drinks, cakes, chocolates, puddings, cookies, chips, and as an ayurvedic medication.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course FEES - 2024

Course DATES Shared Private Occupied/Total BOOK NOW
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 7 June to 3 July $1100 $1250 Full BOOK NOW
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 7 September to 3 October $1100 $1250 2/15 BOOK NOW
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 7 October to 2 November $1100 $1250 1/15 BOOK NOW
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 7 November to 3 December $1100 $1250 0/15 BOOK NOW
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 7 December to 2 January $1100 $1250 0/15 BOOK NOW

200 Hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh Daily Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
 06:15 - 07:45   Ashtanga  Ashtanga    Ashtanga  Ashtanga  Ashtanga  
 08:00 - 09:00   Pranayama  Pranayama Sat Kriya   Pranayama Pranayama   Pranayama  
09:00 - 10:00  Breakfast  Breakfast   Breakfast  Breakfast  Breakfast Breakfast  Breakfast 
 10:00 - 11:00  Philosophy   Philosophy    Philosophy  Philosophy Philosophy   
 11:30 - 12:45  Adjust & Alignment   Adjust & Alignment    Adjust & Alignment  Adjust & Alignment Adjust & Alignment   
 13:00 - 15:00  Lunch/Rest  Lunch/Rest  Lunch/Rest  Lunch/Rest  Lunch/Rest  Lunch/Rest  Lunch/Rest 
 15:00 - 16:15  Anatomy  Anatomy     Teach. Metho.  Teach. Metho. Teach. Metho.   
 16:30 - 18:00 
Hatha Yoga  Hatha Yoga     Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga  Hatha Yoga   
 18:15 - 19:15  Meditation   Meditation   Meditation   Meditation Meditation   
 19:15 - 20:15  Dinner  Dinner  Dinner   Dinner Dinner  Dinner  Dinner 
 20:15 - 21:00  Self Study  Self Study  Self Study   Self Study  Self Study  Self Study Self Study 
What Do We

Expect From Students

  • Students should maintain proper discipline and decorum in the school environment.
  • No alcohol, meat or smoking allowed on the campus.
  • Students should abstain from the intake of intoxicants during the course.
  • An attendance of 85% Is mandatory for the successful completion of the yoga alliance certificate.
  • Any misbehavior during the course in the campus or in classes will lead to a point of cancellation of your certificate even forceful abandonment from the campus.
  • In case of any emergency, if a student needs to leave the course halfway, his/her money will not be reimbursed, however, he/she can attend the same course, at the same location at a different time with the permission of the organizers.
  • A non-refundable fee of $250 will be charged to book a seat for one time before the course.
  • The school does not provide health insurance any damage covering during the course.
  • A student will be responsible for his or her own wellbeing and must communicate his/her special needs and follow teachers advice to avoid injuries.
  • The time table will be provided during the orientation and must be adhered to by all and sundry.
Frequently Asked Questions

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh FAQ

For learning and practising yoga, India offers the ideal setting. Everyone at a yoga school has the same objective of studying and practising yoga, creating a distraction-free environment.

Yes, all of our courses have Yoga Alliance registration. You will be able to teach anywhere in the globe with this qualification. Insurance companies also accept it.

It is intended to get you ready to start teaching yoga by covering all the essential aspects of yoga anatomy and philosophy. 200 hours of study make up a 200-hour yoga teacher programme.

After finishing your yoga teacher training, you will obtain your yoga alliance certification from your yoga training programme. There are three levels of certification: 200 hours, 300 hours, or 500 hours. Technically, your certification is perpetual.

Joining a yoga teacher programme is exciting, but it also raises questions about your ability to complete it. Everyone's reaction is typical. If you have prior expertise, you may just unwind until the training begins. If you're just starting out, you may learn about various yoga practises by doing some research or by watching our YouTube videos.

You can learn your yoga techniques with the aid of our yoga teacher training. By enrolling in regular sessions, you will learn various strategies that are not very simple to comprehend. As your training progresses, you'll notice that your body solidifies and that your mind-body connection also gets much stronger.

Congratulations on finishing your yoga teacher training, first and foremost. But you must be wondering, what comes next? How can you improve yourself? Well! You can start teaching, enrol in more challenging our courses like the 300-Hour YTTC, develop your practise, go to seminars, and many other things.

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