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Yoga Retreat In Sri Lanka

What does yoga retreat really mean? A yoga retreat is a getaway to focus on yoga. A retreat can be solitary and/or local,but often involves a trip to a location that offers group yoga activities. You can find luxurious resorts and high-fee locations at many retreats around the world. However, with us, you can enjoy traditional yoga with clean and reasonably priced accommodation. We can also arrange for you to visit several ashrams and show you the dawn in the mountains.

Find yourself on Sri Lanka's amazing seashore. This island is a special location with lush, gorgeous scenery where you may practise yoga, achieve inner peace, and use breathwork to relax your body and mind. Ayurveda, one of the oldest medical systems, originated in Sri Lanka and holds that wellness depends on a balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

We will establish this equilibrium throughout the course of the week and provide you with the room to grow it.You can maintain harmony between your mind, body and vitality with the help of the retreat. To help you achieve mental peace and calm, we recommend doing yoga asanas, meditation and lots of breathing exercises

Yoga Retreat In Sri Lanka

What Do We Include In Retreat?

  • Accomodation
  • Food
  • Traveling
  • hearbal Tea
  • Yoga Classes
  • Sight Seeing
  • Pranayam Class
  • Meditation Class
  • Shared Room
  • Single Room
Best Yoga School in Sri Lanka

Our Yoga Journey During This Course

With Pankaj Yogpeeth, explore Sri Lanka. Located to the south of India, it is known as the island of the teardrop.

In addition to other religions, Sri Lanka is also renowned for its vibrant Buddhist culture. Sri Lanka, a very religious nation, is home to several locations with historical and religious significance that draw travellers from all over the world.

An idyllic tropical location with infinite palm-lined beaches, vibrant Buddhist and Hindu temples, historic buildings, and thick woods. The top producer of tea worldwide is Sri Lanka. It's a truly great location because of the stunning surroundings and the amazing sunsets. to plan our next retreat and really engross ourselves in this great experience. includes Sri Wellness in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka for nine nights' hotel stays (Breakfast,dinner) yoga sessions including Asthanga vinyasa, yin yoga, meditation, and yoga nidra.


We hope you have a good experience with us in Sri Lanka.

Most Important Thing is food That We Offers To Our Precious Guests:-

Most Important - Food

  • Hygienic
  • Healthy
  • Protein
  • Tasty

The most important aspect of yoga practice is food as it affects both our physical and emotional health. We harness energy constantly through various yoga practices, so we get the energy we get from scrumptious, nutritious organic dishes. These things affect the physical and mental activity of all people. As important as mental health is, physical health is equally important. Pankaj Yogpeeth offers delicious vegetarian food, as well as a variety of seasonally appropriate, healthy foods. We offer seasonal fruit salads and fresh drinks. As part of the retreat, we also provide customary meals appropriate for the locations or settings where the yoga retreat is being held. We also respect your need for specific types of cuisine, and we do everything possible to arrange each one for you.

Most Important Thing is Stay That We Offers To Our Precious Guests:-


  • Clean
  • Hygienic
  • Single/Shared
  • Ac/Non-Ac

Hotel Sri wellness Our residence for this yoga retreat will be a charming tiny hotel on Sri Lanka's southern coast. Bedrooms surrounded by nature, a yoga studio with beautiful views, massages, an outdoor pool, etc. will all allow us to enjoy our trip with greater presence, peace, and wellbeing. Sustainable wellbeing requires freedom and choice. all is about enjoying the locally sourced, organic cuisine you eat here, whether you enjoy juicing, vegetarian, vegan or you prefer heartier, healthier fare. You are invited by Sri Yoga Shala to reconnect with who you are, learn about your essence, and establish a connection with it.

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